Aims & Scope - Tools

  1. A variety of tools for supporting research are used in neural and cognitve science, such as modeling tools or virtual laboratories. Many of these tools also have an application in education, to enable students to learn modern computer based research methods.
  2. Also of interest are general educational tools, that support computer based learning in higher education and that have useful application in neural and cognitive science. This includes specialized elearning platforms or content management systems (CMS) supporting the design, management and use of specific types of complex learning objects and units( e.g. ready-to-use educational simulations) as well as new computer based educational technologies and little educational helpers, that promote new educational scenarios for the neural and cognitive sciences.

Articles should outline the topical context of the tools and their possible applications in education, including some characteristic examples. A detailed description of features as well as a technical desciption is highly recommended.

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