Aims & Scope

This novel open-access journal publishes peer-reviewed articles and media from research and education of neural and cognitive science. The specific goals of the open access journal are:

  • to promote an intelligible and thorough understanding of neural and cognitive concepts
  • to adequately represent knowledge beyond papers and textbooks with visualizations and interactive media
  • to assure citability, content quality and technology standards through peer-reviewed publication
  • to assure a fast peer review and publication process
Topical fields

Brains, Minds & Media publishes brief papers and supplementary materials (optional) on media in neural and cognitive science. This implies practical educational applications in the neural and cognitive sciences as well as their theoretical foundations. Contributions may refer to neural, cognitive or behavioural phenomena or their software and hardware models in different fields:

Materials and Tools

  • Tried and tested topical material and corresponding educational scenarios (e.g. visualizations, simulations, content packages, tutorials), like innovations and "modern classics" in education.
  • Generic software tools designed for the neural and cognitive sciences and their use in education.
  • Generic software tools designed for education in general and their application in neural and cognitive science teaching.


  • Empirical or theoretical studies in the neural and cognitive sciences with application of new media.
  • Features and reports of projects with educational focus.
  • Reviews and viewpoints on actual discussions, such as the impact of neural and cognitive research on educational concepts.


Announcements, Material Reviews and Commentaries.

For a more detailed description on each field, please see the provided information at MATERIALS, TOOLS, RESEARCH and NEWS.

Additionally, we like to refer to our GUIDELINES for details on appropriate submissions and manuscript preparation. The included supplement policy envisions information about technical prerequisites and application guidelines.