Brains, Minds, and Media - Newsletter 1/08

Newsletter 1/08 | August 27th, 2008
Dear reader of Brains, Minds & Media,
This newsletter announces our publications in summer 2008. Again, many interesting tools and use cases for interactive media in neural and cognitive sciences and education have been released.
Enjoy reading, your BMM editorial team.

Tool Description
VRBA | A Stereoscopic Volume Rendered Brain Atlas| bmm1512
by Robert J. Clements & James L. Blank | published August 26th, 2008
This interactive brain atlas allows real-time stereoscopic rendering of brain anatomy. The intuitive interface allows to remove and add any of the 62 brain structures, as well as to control the display of the MRI dataset. Edu-cational use is supported by verbal and written descriptions [more...].

Special Issue
SI | Interactive Educational Media for the Neural and Cognitive Sciences| bmm1433
edited by Sören Lorenz & Martin Egelhaaf | published May/July, 2008
Written by researchers, tool developers and experienced academic teachers, this collection covers a broad range of interactive research media and tools as well as tools and media especially designed for learning and teaching.  [more...].
Table of Contents
Interactive Tools and Media in the Neural and Cognitive Sciences | bmm1410
by Martin Egelhaaf
I. Simulation Tools
SNNAP: A Tool for Teaching Neuroscience | bmm1408
by Evyatar Av-Ron, Michael J. Byrne, John H. Byrne, and Douglas & Baxter
Understanding Neural Maps with Topographica | bmm1402
by James A. Bednar
Simbrain: A visual framework for neural network analysis and education
by Jeff Yoshimi | bmm1411
Teaching Cognitive Modeling Using PDP++
by David C. Noelle | bmm1406
II. Virtual Environments
Virtual Electrophysiology with SPatch
by Robert C. Cannon & Constance Hammond | bmm1403 - Interactive High-Resolution Digital Brain Atlases and Virtual Microscopy
by Shawn Mikula, James M. Stone & Edward G. Jones | bmm1426
III. Repositories
ModelDB in Computational Neuroscience Education - A research tool as interactive educational media
by Thomas M. Morse | bmm1409
IV. Curriculum Development
Neurons in Action in Action - Educational settings for simulations and tutorials using NEURON
by Ann E. Stuart | bmm1401
Interactive Curriculum Based on Models of Mind & Brain
by Daniel J. Franklin | bmm1418
Curricular Integration of Simulations in Neuroscience - Instructional and Technical Perspectives
by Sören Lorenz & Martin Egelhaaf | bmm1427

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