Understanding Brains and Minds With New Media

The novel eJournal "Brains, Minds & Media" for new media in neural and cognitive science education introduces innovative forms of publishing on the opening event of the initiative "Digital Peer Publishing NRW". [Cologne 04/12/13]

Publications combine innovative features found in modern academic journals in a compact form:
  • All articles are ready to use on the internet, for anyone, free of charge (open access).
  • Publications can go far beyond regular print media in that they contain or provide interactive media.
  • All media can be downloaded as a compact unit for offline use.
  • Submissions on educational issues -- often underrepresented in academic publishing -- are particularly encouraged.

The journal strives to make the most out of the potential new information technologies have to offer, while respecting and maintaining the standards of academic publication. The strong international interest prompted the German founders at Bielefeld University to niche in an international context. Regular publication will start in 2005. The project is funded by the Ministry of Science in North-Rhine Westphalia.