Hood - Supplementary Material

Supplementary Material for
bmm227: Using P-GENESIS for Parallel Simulation of GENESIS Models
- a Brief Overview

by Greg Hood

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University, United States, ghood@psc.edu

Reference: This supplementary material belongs to the following BMM article:
Hood G (2005). Using P-GENESIS or Parallel Simulation of GENESIS Models - A Brief Overview. Brains, Minds and Media, Vol.1, bmm227 (urn:nbn:de:0009-3-2271).

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  • Title: P-GENESIS (Parallel GEneral NEural SImulation System)
  • Description: Simulation tools for realistic neural modeling with parallel processors
  • Language: English
  • Authors: Nigel Goddard and Greg Hood
  • Contributors: -
  • Affiliation: Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University, United States
  • Creator: Authors
  • Publisher: Authors
  • Source: Authors
  • Rights: Authors
  • Application context: research and education
  • Application setting: single-user, course
  • Instructional use: tutorial help is recommended
  • Time: no detailed specification possible
  • Resource type: simulation tool, program, tutorial
  • Application objective: realistic neural modeling
  • Required applications: P-GENESIS 2.2.1 and GENESIS 2.2.1, or P-GENESIS 2.3 and GENESIS 2.3
  • Required platform: Unix, Linux, or Mac OSX
  • Requirements: 1 GHz Processor, 256 MB RAM, 150MB free disk space (rec.)
  • Archive: pgenesis.2.2.1.tar.Z or pgenesis.2.2.1.tar.gz
  • Target-type: Zip-File
  • Target: pgenesis
Requirements and setup instructions

P-GENESIS requires a computing system with two or more processors that are supported by standard GENESIS 2.1 or 2.2 (the processors can be of different types). Before installing P-GENESIS, one must first install GENESIS (see the GENESIS Tutorial by David Beeman, this volume), and either an MPI or PVM message-passing library. In order to benefit from parallelization, one must modify a model's GENESIS scripts as described in the article.

For detailed installation instructions, please view the Retrieval & Installation Guide at the P-GENESIS Homepage

Application instructions

Please see the P-GENESIS homepage (http://www.psc.edu/general/software/packages/pgenesis).