Edgerton - Supplementary Material

Supplementary Material for
bmm225: Simulating in vivo-like Synaptic Input Patterns in Multicompartmental Models

by Jeremy R. Edgerton

Department of Biology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA; email: jedgert@emory.edu

Reference: This supplementary material belongs to the following BMM article:
Edgerton J (2005). Simulating in vivo-like Synaptic Input Patterns in Multicompartmental Models. Brains, Minds and Media, Vol.1, bmm225 (urn:nbn:de:0009-3-2256).

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  • Title: Simulation Movie
  • Description: The movie shows a model globus pallidus neuron being driven to spike by synaptic inputs. There are 100 excitatory inputs (represented as spheres on the dendrites) and 1024 inhibitory inputs (not shown), each activated randomly. Excitatory synapses activate when their color changes from red to white. The membrane potential of each compartment is presented in pseudocolor, showing that action potentials initiate in distal dendritic compartments and propagate to all regions of the model neuron. Near the end of the movie (approximately 94 msec on the simulation timer), a spike initiates in a thin dendrite but fails to propagate past the first branch point it reaches, suggesting that branchpoint failures may be important components of dendritic integration in the model.
  • Language: english
  • Author: Jeremy Edgerton
  • Contributors: Jesse E. Hanson, Cengiz Gunay, Dieter Jaeger
  • Affiliation: Department of Biology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Creator: Author
  • Publisher: Author
  • Source: Author
  • Rights: Author
  • Application context: research and education
  • Application setting: talk, tutorial
  • Instructional use: can be used for illustration
  • Time: 33 sec
  • Resource type: video
  • Application objective: realistic neural modeling
  • Required applications: Media Player or Quicktime Player or the like
  • Required platform: any
  • Requirements: 1 GHz Processor, 256 MB RAM, 15MB free disk space (rec.)
  • Archive: active-1000frames-20Hz.avi
  • Target-type: Zip-File
  • Target: any
Requirements and setup instructions
  • Copy the file to any location on your harddisk.
  • Double click the movie file. If an appropiate player is installed, it will open the movie. If not, you should install a movie player for avi-movies.
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