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Preface to the 1st edition
Preface to the 2nd edition
1 Introduction
1.1 Symbols
1.2 Linear Systems
1.3 The Tasks of Systems Theory Investigations
2 The Most Important Input Functions
2.1 The Step Function
2.2 The Impulse Function
2.3 The Sine Function
2.4 The Statistical Function
2.5 The Ramp Function
3 The Fourier Analysis
4 The Properties of the Most Important Filters
4.1 First Order Low-Pass Filter
4.2 First Order High-Pass Filter
4.3 N-th Order Low-Pass Filter
4.4 N-th Order High-Pass Filters
4.5 Band-Pass filter
4.6 Lead-Lag System
4.7 Pure Time Delay
Box 1
4.8 Integrator and Differentiator
4.9 Oscillating Systems
4.10 Combination of Different Filters
5 The Characteristics
5.1 General Remarks
5.2 The Static Characteristic
5.3 The Dynamic Characteristic
6 Combination of Linear and Nonlinear Elements
6.1 The Sequence Linear Element - Nonlinear Element
6.2 The Sequence Nonlinear Element - Linear Element
6.3 Unidirectional Rate Sensitive (URS) Element
7 The Study of Nonlinear Systems
Box 2
8 Feedback Systems
8.1 Open Loop Control - Closed Loop Control
8.2 The Most Important Terms
8.3 A Simple Feedback System
8.4 The Study of a Feedback System
8.5 Feedback Control Systems with Dynamic Properties
8.6 The Stability of Feedback Systems
Box 3
8.7 Further Types of Feedback Control Systems
8.8 An Example
8.9 Reafference Principle
8.10 The Dynamic Properties of a Simplified Neuron
Appendix I – Laplace Transformation
Appendix II – Simulation of dynamic systems
Appendix III – Exercises
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